Painting and Wallpapering Around Chaos: Tips for Parents and Others

Painting and Wallpapering Around Chaos: Tips for Parents and Others

Wallpaper Application 101: Tips For Homeowners

by Francis Ortiz

Adding wallpaper to your home can instantly elevate its aesthetic appeal. Whether you're going for a bold print or a subtle pattern, wallpaper can transform your living space in a heartbeat. However, applying wallpaper can be a challenging task, even for seasoned DIY enthusiasts. It requires careful planning, preparation and execution to ensure that the final outcome is seamless and professional. Here are some of the best practices for applying wallpaper, from the materials you'll need to the finishing touches.

1. Choose the Right Wallpaper:

First things first, you need to choose the right wallpaper for your space. Consider the room, lighting and existing decor when selecting your wallpaper. Light colours will brighten up a room while bold patterns or darker colours can add an intimate ambiance. You can also find textured wallpapers which can add a tactile appeal to your space. Be sure to measure your walls and take note of any obstacles like doors, windows and power outlets.

2. Prepare the Walls:

Before you start hanging your wallpaper, make sure that your walls are smooth, clean and primed. Remove any paint flakes or dust. If you are wallpapering over an existing layer of wallpaper, scrape it off before you proceed. If there are any holes, cracks or blemishes, fill them in with spackling paste. Sand down any rough edges and then wash the walls with a solution of water and mild detergent.

3. Gather Your Tools:

To apply wallpaper, you'll need a range of tools, including a wallpaper smoother, a paste table, paste, scissors and a knife. Rollers and a paintbrush are also necessary. Purchase high-quality wallpapering tools to ensure a professional-looking finish.

4. Apply the Wallpaper:

Once you have all the necessary tools and materials, you can start hanging your wallpaper. It's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions on applying the wallpaper correctly, as each type of wallpaper differs. Start from the ceiling and work your way downwards, being sure to cut your wallpaper accurately to the correct length. Be sure to apply the wallpaper while the paste is still wet. Smooth out any bubbles or wrinkles using your wallpaper smoother.

5. Final Touches:

The final step is to trim any excess paper at the top and bottom of the wall, as well as any around fixtures such as light switches. Allow your wallpaper to dry completely before moving any furniture back into the room or opening any windows. Cover any imperfections, cracks or unevenness with paint or trim.

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Painting and Wallpapering Around Chaos: Tips for Parents and Others

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