Painting and Wallpapering Around Chaos: Tips for Parents and Others

Painting and Wallpapering Around Chaos: Tips for Parents and Others

Factors to Consider When Choosing Paint Sheen for Exterior Surfaces

by Francis Ortiz

Choosing the right paint sheen for exterior surfaces determines the product's durability, appearance, and maintenance needs. Like interior paints, exterior ones come in various sheen types such as flat, satin, semi-gloss and high-gloss. Flat paint has no shine, while satin has a soft finish. High-gloss paint is the shiniest paint, followed by semi-gloss paint. Choosing the right sheen isn't just about what looks good in the packaging. Below are a few essential factors to consider before choosing paint sheen for exterior paintwork.


What's the texture of the surface you want to paint? Is it smooth or rough? Paint sheen can affect the appearance of a surface depending on its texture. Semi-gloss and high-gloss paint products magnify the imperfections on a surface. Sometimes, this can hurt curb appeal. 

For example, when painting on exterior wood surfaces with deep dents, knots and spots, glossy paint will magnify these surface imperfections. The best paint for surfaces with imperfections and texture is flat paint. Since it doesn't have any shine, it can conceal texture and give the illusion of a smooth surface. If you'd like to add some shine, use satin paint instead.


Exterior painting projects cover various surfaces such as walls, doors, window trim, structural pillars and siding among others. Surfaces such as wooden doors, siding and trim are prone to age-related wear and tear. This can deteriorate the overall appearance of the material. During a repainting project, it's important to assess the condition of the surface, especially if you don't wish to repair it. If the surface isn't in good condition, use flat paint as it will conceal the wear and tear.


Exterior paint requires proper maintenance for it to last long. A crucial maintenance task is to occasionally clean the walls to get rid of dust. Some paints are harder to clean than others. Therefore, before painting your exterior, consider the location of the surface and how likely it is to accumulate dust and dirt. Flat sheen is the hardest to clean, while high-gloss paint is the easiest to clean due to the smooth surface. 

Reserve flat paint for surfaces that don't get dirty often. These include exterior walls and siding. Use glossy paints on surfaces that are prone to dust, especially those overlooking the yard or a dusty road. However, if you want to enjoy the benefits of both low-sheen and glossy paint, opt for satin products. The soft finish makes it easy to clean, and it is an excellent choice for concealing surface imperfections.

Consider these tips when choosing the right paint sheen for your exterior surfaces. Contact a painter to learn more about the paint available to you, including Haymes Trade paint.


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Painting and Wallpapering Around Chaos: Tips for Parents and Others

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