Painting and Wallpapering Around Chaos: Tips for Parents and Others

Painting and Wallpapering Around Chaos: Tips for Parents and Others

4 important safety steps when painting your tall building

by Francis Ortiz

Tall buildings are among the most beautiful when they receive a fresh coat of paint. However, due to the associated heights of such structures, preparing a painting project will require careful planning. From using the right tools to hiring a commercial painter, the preparation phase will be critical to a safe and successful job.

Here are 4 critical safety steps to have in mind when painting your tall building.

1. Unprepared exterior walls are a safety hazard during painting

Surface preparation is perhaps the most critical safety step when painting a tall building. Your building's outside walls will be prone to gathering dirt, debris and other items that make the surface harder (and riskier) to paint. This is why prep work (such as pressure washing and sanding) will be necessary to get the wall ready for a fresh coat of paint.

In tall buildings, prep work becomes even more complicated and sometimes dangerous. A commercial painting contractor will use tools such as scaffolding, ladders and braces to provide enough support to workers in high edges of the building. Thorough preparation also ensures that painting the wall will proceed smoothly.

2. Proper planning around inclement weather patterns

When painting a tall building, the weather will directly affect safety standards. For example, strong winds during the summer may affect painting work and the stability of the painting crew. Furthermore, heavy precipitation may damage the wet paint on your building and cause significant financial loss.

This is why it's critical to consider weather patterns before painting your tall building. Commercial painting contractors have experience in planning around multiple seasons and ensuring a safe project in light of current weather patterns.

3. Use the right tools

Using the right tools will be critical to a successful painting project. Such tools will also directly impact the safety of your workers, employees and guests.

When painting any tall building, essential tools such as scaffolds, lifts and stable working platforms are necessary. Furthermore, you'll need special tools that can apply paint without needing sophisticated manoeuvring strategies. Finally, all workers on elevated platforms should be securely strapped in place to prevent falls. 

4. Selecting the right paint also matters

The type of paint you use will also impact the safety of your project. For example, high-VOC paints may affect people nearby because of the fumes emitted. You may need to fence off the area being worked on or consider using low-VOC paints that have minimal emissions.


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