Painting and Wallpapering Around Chaos: Tips for Parents and Others

Painting and Wallpapering Around Chaos: Tips for Parents and Others

How to Choose the Right Paint Sheen for Your Interior Painting Project

by Francis Ortiz

When planning for an interior painting project, most people spend hours choosing the perfect paint colors but pay less thought to the sheen they will use. Paint sheen affects the appearance and long-term performance of the paint; therefore, it is worth giving it some thought. Paints come in varying levels of sheen such as matte, satin, semi-gloss, gloss, and high-gloss, and it is important to determine the ideal sheen for your project. Here are some insightful questions that will help you choose the best paint sheen that will deliver on performance, aesthetics, and durability.

What is the condition of your walls?

If you are painting a new house whose walls are in pristine condition, you may choose any sheen that pleases your eye. However, if the walls are old, rough, or uneven, some levels of sheen can magnify the defects and alter the aesthetics of the room. Note that gloss and high-gloss sheen may not be suitable for such a wall. Instead, go for paint with low levels of sheen such as matte or satin as it may help conceal the imperfections.

How much light do you want in the room?

Paint sheen can affect the amount of light received in the home and the amount you spend annually for lighting. Paint with high sheen levels reflects light while low-gloss paint absorbs the light. If you want to make a room feel brighter without artificial light, consider going for glossy paint. This is suitable for rooms such as the sitting room and kitchen where a lot of time is spent during the day. Besides making the room feel bright and lively, paint with high sheen may help in reducing your electric bill.

How much traffic does the room receive?

Rooms that receive heavy traffic, particularly from small kids and pets, are bound to have walls that are stained with fingerprints, foods, and dirt. The level of sheen used for the paint will determine how easy it will be for you to clean the walls. Ideally, paint with high levels of gloss is easy to clean, and you can get rid of dirt and stains by lightly scrubbing the walls. Such paint is suitable for rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and other areas that are frequented by guests, children, and pets. The walls in other rooms such as hallways and guest bedrooms can hold up beautifully with low sheen paint.

You may find that different rooms in the house will require paint with varying levels of sheen for the walls. Whether you have a DIY or professional painting project, have a clear outline of what level of sheen will be used for which wall so that you can make an informed purchase.


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Painting and Wallpapering Around Chaos: Tips for Parents and Others

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