Painting and Wallpapering Around Chaos: Tips for Parents and Others

Painting and Wallpapering Around Chaos: Tips for Parents and Others

What Should I Consider for Painting a Lobby During a Hotel Remodel?

by Francis Ortiz

As a small hotel owner, you may be facing the need to upgrade and remodel in order to keep your customers interested and returning throughout the year or seasonally. This means remodelling the furniture, the theme and sometimes the overall look of your hotel. You want something inviting that fits your theme and that will help your guests feel at home. Here are a few tips to consider for painting a lobby during a hotel remodel that may help you narrow down the right options for you.

Consider the Theme

It may seem like a base statement, but considering your theme is vital to the overall viewpoint your guests receive. Think about what you would want to convey with your hotel. Are you a bed and breakfast style, family style, a place for newlyweds or a place to just escape the reality and chaos of life? Take the feeling you want to convey with your overall hotel experience and transfer that idea to the lobby. The way the lobby is painted by your commercial painting contractors is the first look and glimpse into the hotel experience your guests will have. You want something that draws them in, looks inviting and shows guests what the hotel is all about.


One of the things that many hotel owners may overlook during the lobby remodel is the furnishings. You may have a great concept and a beautiful theme projected through the paintings and colour of the lobby, but if it doesn't meld with the furniture, you have a problem. Before you decide on the right paint colour and theme for the lobby, sit down with your painters and discuss the furnishings that will be replacing the current lobby look. Make sure that the furnishings will complement the paint and that they meld properly with the theme you have taken on. For example, you don't want a floral print on the walls only to move the furnishings in and find that the floral print on them does not match or even clashes with the new paint job.

Make it Look Bigger

One of the things you also need to consider is the size of the lobby. You want to make the lobby look large and inviting to help the overall hotel look large. You may not think so, but the trick of clean lines and long lean lines do help the guest feel like the hotel is bigger and that the accommodations are more luxurious or they are getting more for their money. For example, if a hotel has dark and muted colours alongside thick lines and little lighting in the room, it may make the guest feel trapped. Long lean lines, brighter colours and smaller furnishings can make the area look larger and more open.

These are only three things to consider during the painting of your lobby while doing a remodel of your hotel. If you have more ideas that you want to incorporate, or colour ideas you aren't sure about, talk with painting contractors in your area.


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Painting and Wallpapering Around Chaos: Tips for Parents and Others

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