Painting and Wallpapering Around Chaos: Tips for Parents and Others

Painting and Wallpapering Around Chaos: Tips for Parents and Others

Lesser Known Services House Painters Can Offer You

by Francis Ortiz

If you're a homeowner who has gone through a remodel or renovation, you're probably aware that a house painter can provide you with interior and exterior paint and finishing. But you may not be aware that house painters don't just paint but also offer other, lesser known services that can be of value to you. Here's a rundown of those services to help you take advantage.

Moulding Services -- If you want to enhance the appearance of your rooms, residential painters can offer you moulding installation services. Some homeowners choose to do this themselves, but moulding is a craft that takes some time to master, so why not let a professional painter do the work for you so you know it will turn out right? Crown moulding is the most popular type of moulding that house painters can install in your room. It consists of the baseboard moulding that is installed flush against the wall, and the crown moulding, which juts out from the baseboard moulding in an S configuration. Crown moulding adds a distinct layer of design to your rooms and you can choose from moulding material such as wood, plaster, foam or polyurethane.

Pressure Washing -- House painters can also offer you pressure washing in which they use highly pressured devices to direct powerful jets of water at your exterior walls to get rid of grease, oil stains, graffiti or other blemishes that are marring the appearance of the wall. Pressure washing is also an effective way to clean your patios, decks and driveways, and works not only on concrete, but brick, natural stone, cement and asphalt as well. Pressure washing is done as a stand-alone service but is also used when house painters are prepping your walls for texture coating.

Texture Coating -- Residential painters can also offer you texture coating service, which is applied to the exterior of your home and is similar to paint but lasts much longer. Texture coating is made with acrylic resins that have a thicker consistency than paint. Texture coating also allows your walls to breathe, because it's porous and it has reflective properties that can provide insulation against heat. The acrylic resins resist weather damage, fading, cracking and peeling for a longer period of time than if you chose to paint the exterior of your house. To apply texture coating, house painters sand blast your exterior walls, make any repairs to your walls, apply texture coat primer then spray on the texture coating.


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Painting and Wallpapering Around Chaos: Tips for Parents and Others

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