Painting and Wallpapering Around Chaos: Tips for Parents and Others

Painting and Wallpapering Around Chaos: Tips for Parents and Others

House Painters | 3 Paint Tips for Dressing Up Living Room Feature Walls

by Francis Ortiz

Adding feature walls is an excellent way to add depth to your living room décor, but deciding between different designs and patterns can be daunting when you don't know where to start. The living room tends to be the most formal room in a home, so you'll want to choose accent walls that resonate with the character of the room. Whether you hire professional painters like Allure Painting Services or undertake this DIY home improvement task on your own, here are some paint tips for dressing up a feature wall in your living room. 

Choose Patterns that Echo the Existing Style of your Living room

Since the living room has a degree of formality, you'll probably want to choose a subtle design scheme that echoes the existing style of your living room. For example, if you have a vintage-style living room with plenty of carved wooden furniture and antique collectibles, you may want to choose damask, retro or paisley patterns that blend into the style of your living room. Modern styled living rooms would look great with subtle geometric, graphic and stencil wall patterns. Your painters should ideally have a range of patterns to choose from.

Plan your Colour Scheme

Your feature wall colour scheme will depend on your personal taste and the existing colour tone of your living room. When putting your colour palette together for the feature wall, consider your existing wall colour, flooring and furniture. For a stylish appearance, you'll want to choose a monochromatic colour palette by using different shades of the same colour. For example, if you have neutral beige walls, floors and furniture material, you can offset that with a more intense tan, orange or blush. If your walls and floors are a subdued yellow with brown furniture, your feature wall could be a bright yellow to invite a breezy feel to the space. If you want to make a bold statement, choose a contrasting colour that stands out from your existing furniture, walls and floors. For example, light grey walls and furnishings could be contrasted with a pop of colour by adding a bright orange or yellow feature wall. Ask your painters for different colour samples before making a decision on the colour scheme of your feature wall.

Add Texture for Drama

Adding texture will give your living room more depth and drama by transforming your otherwise boring flat walls into peaked and pitted surfaces, besides hiding any existing imperfections. You can add texture by choosing special textured paints, adding combing effects, using stone paints and blotting with sponges to create the desired tactile appearance with ease. Texturing allows you to create all kinds of feature wall looks without much difficulty, but make sure that the texture balances the style of your living room nicely. For example, bead-board texture suits a vintage-style living room, but may look out of place in a modern living room. Sleek wave or floral textures are perfect accompaniments to a modern-furnished living room. 

Whether you choose to hire professional painters or decide to paint a feature wall on your own, use these smart tips for dressing up your living room beautifully.


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Painting and Wallpapering Around Chaos: Tips for Parents and Others

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